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A common feature of Thai cuisine is an emphasis on food that is fresh, beautifully presented and made to be shared.  Thai food is appealing because of freshness of ingredients due to speed of preparation.
Thai food is a joy to the senses, combining the refreshing aroma of lemon-grass and kaffir lime (a type of lime commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking) leaves with the pungency of brilliant red chili pepper and creaminess of coconut milk and fresh basil.



Thai cuisine has now become
a common Asian cuisine here in
the states, especially here in Greensboro, NC. Fortunately, the original Tara Thai keeps the formula simple. Keep the informal atmosphere of the countless street vendors, which one will see anywhere in Thailand. Don’t bend to the American palate, if you ask for your food to be spicy, it will be. Keep the hours late, there’s always a place to eat in Thailand, at any hour.

 Lift your spirits! Enjoy the best of Thai cuisines for Lunch or Dinner. We have a full menu of real Thai cuisine favorites! We offer a unique and sophisticated dining Experience for and occasion. Our Tara Thai staff will be delighted to make your dinning experience as pleasurable as the event should be.

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