Once again, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the world’s most exotic cuisine. Tara Thai Restaurant in Greensboro, NC Tell: 336-315-9773

We have been serving authentic Thai cuisine at Tara Thai since 2005. We do our very best to bring you excellence in all aspects of our Authentic Thai Test and service

In the past years, the ever-increasing international awareness and popularity of Thai cooking has been phenomenal. Today, more and more Thai restaurants, ranging from small family-style to large, are opening their doors to serve up North Carolina clienteles.

More restaurants have included "Thai dishes" in their menus. Many versions of Thai cuisine have been created and have been opening up everywhere. For example, any noodle dish that includes peanut butter sauce, ketchup, and, paprika have been coined “Pad Thai,” even though these ingredients are never found in this popular, authentic Thai dish. This has made it very confusing for many first-time diners in differentiating “What is really Thai cuisine?” However, Tara Thai still remains the most authentic Thai cuisine found outside of Bangkok for the past 15 years.

Tara Thai has a wide variety of authentic Thai cooking for both spicy lovers and non-spicy as well. The misconception about Thai food is that it is "too spicy!" We will prove to you that a good Thai meal should be well balanced between seasoning/herbs and spices. Many authentic Thai dishes are not spicy but still remain tasty. All dishes at Tara Thai are carefully prepared with fresh ingredients.

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