Tara Thai 
Thai cuisine has now become
a common Asian cuisine here in
the states, especially here in Greensboro, NC. Fortunately, the original Tara Thai keeps the formula simple. Keep the informal atmosphere of the countless street vendors, which one will see anywhere in Thailand. Don’t bend to the American palate, if you ask for your food to be spicy, it will be. Keep the hours late, there’s always a place to eat in Thailand, at any hour.
Enjoy the original location. Relax in an “always Friday” scene, only to be amazed on how quickly the meal unfolds before you. The excitement only grows after this introduction.

Dinner Menu

Please feel free to let your server know
what level of spicy you need.
*Whee (Mild)
**Whee Whee (Medium)
***Whee Whee Whee (Thai Spicy)

Special Entrees




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